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Make school even more fun with AppMakr4Schools!

Whoever said that school isn’t fun? Connecting students with teachers and vice versa has never been this easy, now that you have AppMakr4Schools in your hand. Create your own mobile app and watch as your phone becomes a wonderful teaching aid. You can easily customize and make your own application that suits your need as a homeroom adviser, or subject teacher.

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Create a class calendar and monitor your activities

Your students will never forget deadlines with this app. AppMakr4Schools enables teachers and homeroom advisers to create their own mobile application in the form of a school calendar. Update activities and events on this web-based service so your students will be duly informed. You can also mark birthdays and special events, and chat windows so your students can collaborate using the app.

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Post lesson summaries and lectures

Notes will never be a problem with AppMakr4Schools. You can easily create an app where you can post lesson summaries, notes, homework, project reports, and lectures. Your students can easily access these great resources anytime they want, wherever they are. Uploading and downloading documents and reports are done quickly and easily.

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Access exercises straight from their mobiles

Most students spend so much time on their phones these days. Why not have them learn while they’re at it? AppMakr4Schools can also help you create exercises for your students. Give them links that they can access on their mobile and have them learn while having fun. You can also make games and activities so the students could have an interactive and fun learning experience.

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