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So, you want to create your own mobile app, do you?...well, you've come to the right place. We have a barrel full of them!

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An AppMakrs4Schools app is much more than just a small piece of software that sits on your phone. These special apps reach out beyond your phone to bring together the best content from around the internet to create a super-relevant niche social network to connect you and the people in your community.

Of course, how you choose to define "community" is completely up to you. It could be as simple as a school or institution app or specifically a PTA apps, clubs and sports app, orientation guide, or alumni app.


Great for schools, parents, students.

Fantastic for the entire learning community

  • Education Groups
  • Parents Teachers Associations
  • Tutors
  • Student Body
  • Sports Teams
  • School Clubs/Spirit
  • School Administration
  • Teachers Association
  • Daycare
  • Pre-schools
  • Adult Education
  • Recreation Centers
  • Community Education Centers
  • Online Schools
  • Schools Supplier
  • Bus Drivers
  • Student Counseling
  • Cafeteria Management
  • Alumni

AppMakr4Schools helps you build mobile apps for your school community without any knowledge of coding. Now you can do so much more for your school community; whether it is to enhance communication, improve existing learning system or use AppMakr4Schools as a learning tool for your students.

Check out the Mobile App Creation and Marketing program as a school curriculum


Get an Idea, Name your App

Aggregate your Content
[documents, image icons, website links, RSS feeds, social media profiles]

Design Your Mobile App’s Layout

Drag Your Content into The Machine

Voila! Your App is Done!

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We know what you're probably thinking. Most mobile apps cost thousands of dollars to make, so how can we sell them for free or just $9/month?

There are three answers to that question:

#1 - We put the power in your hands to decide what functions you want in the apps, by selecting from a list of functions that we've already pre-built. That allows us to keep costs down.

#2 - We insert small relevant ads at the bottom of all our free apps. These ads are vetted by Google first, so you can rest assured that they will be: reputable, relevant and tasteful. We have a strict no adult-material policy and no gambling or affiliate scheme ads. Each time one of your community members clicks on one of the banners we earn a tiny bit of revenue, that helps us to keep our costs to you down.

*if you prefer not to have ads in your app, you can also order the ad-free "PRO" version of any of our apps for as low as a buck a month.

#3 - We only use monkeys to do our programming. As mentioned in the About Us section, all of our mobile apps are programmed by a very special group of trained Dusky Leaf Monkeys. (Well, actually they get offended when we call them "trained" so let's just say they're very good at what they do, and they're still willing to work for bananas.)



Every school mobile app is different and requires different needs. That’s why we provide you the freedom to customize your mobile app according to the purpose of the app and your target users.

  • Share Documents and notes
  • School activities and events with Google Maps
  • Schedules, Public Holidays
  • Newsletters
  • Share videos and even broadcast your class in real time (ustream)
  • Contact lists
  • Photos Sharing
  • Forms and quizzes
  • Links to reading assignments
  • Live chat room for online tutoring
  • Weather Alerts

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