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Teach Your Students How To Build Mobile Apps And How To Market Them!

With AppMakr4Schools’ FREE 1-Week App Making Workshop Curriculum and E-Book, Your Students Can Learn About the App Economy And Build Their Own Apps
With No Coding Required...

This One-Week App Making Workshop is designed for:

  • Grades 7 - 11 in middle schools and high schools
  • Business, Entrepreneur, Computer Science & Technology classes
  • Four class sessions of 45 min each
  • Can be used in a PC, Mac or Chromebook environment
  • Create your school app
App building workshop

AppMakr4Schools’ Workshop takes students through the journey of creating their own app from conception to completion, using an easy to learn no-coding, drag-and-drop platform. After building an app, the students will spend a day dedicated to exploring how to market their app.

teach mobile app building

There’s never been a better time to teach your students about the Mobile App Economy. Mobile apps are increasingly a part of every facet of our lives, and we’re getting even more connected! Showing your students that they can make apps is an empowering experience that will help them as they start seeking jobs and careers.

Android and iOS app guide for students

The world is suffering from a digital skills shortage and there are not enough skilled developers out there to meet the growing demand. One poll, conducted by Entrepreneur magazine said the digital skills gap is estimated to cost companies over $1 trillion in productivity a year. You can give your students the knowledge to start shrinking that shortage.

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