App Ideas

Schools of all levels (Elementary, Middle, High, College/University) can use the AppMakr platform to make their own mobile app that is relevant to them. Here are features that would be applicable for the app you are making for your school community.

School App

News and Announcements

School Apps are really useful for new as well as existing students, parents and teachers to receive the latest general information about the school.

Parents & Teachers App

Student Messages

School and parents need to have frequent communication with each other. Why send a newsletter home when you could update the parents each time there’s a special announcement or event?

Clubs & Sports App

Schools Sports Mobile

There are always a lot of activities for students and teachers to keep up with. One student or teacher could be involved in several clubs or sports activities in one semester. Why not have a dedicated app for clubs (e.g. Interact, Toastmaster, Debate, Rugby, Swimming)

Orientation Guide App

mobile campus maps

When you’re a new student to a college or university, it is important to be familiar with the city and campus environment and community. For example, having an Orientation checklist (such as ID & Class registration, Orientation activities) will serve a great purpose for

College Accommodation App

college Events

College Accommodation also known as Halls of Residence are where students spend their resting and social time during their college years. Why not make it convenient for the students to receive updated info about events or meal times from an app?

Course/Classroom App

Course Scheduling app

A student would have several courses in a semester. Why not have a dedicated subject/course app, so they can keep track of their schedules for projects, workshops, lectures or class trips? This is also valuable for the staffs who are involved in this course.

Class Organizer App

class organizer app

A class organizer app can be a valuable tool for any student who wants to stay on top of things in the class. For example, the Task feature could include a

Alumni App

Alumni Mesaging

Wouldn’t it be fantastic for any student to still keep in touch with their graduating college/university? Colleges can organize events and notify the alumni through a mobile app like this. Alumni can also find their network around the world.

Build Your School's App Now

Relevant features for your school mobile app

App features

There are so many different types of mobile apps you could build for your school community. What are most important are the relevancy of the content as well as the use-friendliness of the interface.


Enhance Communication

  • Increase visibility of school events and activities
  • Improve interaction between schools and busy parents/students.
  • Increase school community participation

Improve learning system

  • Allows students and educators to access learning materials whenever they want.
  • Enable frequent interaction and collaborative learning through features like live chat, document or video sharing.
  • Help students in their course organization (For e.g., a course/classroom or class organizer app that compliments a student's busy schedule)

Cost savings

  • Reduce cost and waste on paper materials such as newsletters, forms, flyers, etc.
  • Do not require expensive hardware or software to build or maintain the app.


What is the Program

The Mobile App Creation and Marketing program is a school curriculum designed to introduce students the basics of mobile app development and how to market it to their targeted users. It is a four-day crash course that combines theory and practical workshop. This hands-on course involves active interaction and participation among the teachers and the students.

Day 1: Introduction to Apps and their Impact on People

Students would be introduced to the overall app economy and people involved.
(What is App Economy, What the Purpose of your mobile app is, Who can mobile apps help out)

Day 2: Basics of App Creation

Students would actively participate in making their own mobile app using the Infinite Monkey's "The Machine".
(You would need a PC per student, unless it's a group project, a few students can be divided to utilize one PC)

Day 3: Marketing your App

Students learn how to develop their marketing plan to promote their mobile app. They will also learn to create and deliver their product presentation.

Day 4: Wrapping Up, Presentation and Evaluation

This is the day that everyone in the class would be able to share their creation through professional product and marketing plan presentations. Students would also be asked to evaluate the teacher and the course at the end of this session.

How educators can use the program

The Mobile App Creation and Marketing program can be used as a school project, in a computer class or at a class camp. Students can make their own app based on their interest areas such as sports/club teams, movie/music artist, personal journal, fan fiction (e.g. Red versus Blue Halo), game reviews, fashion/shopping etc. Educators can also integrate school subject into this school curriculum. For example, in a history class; students can explore making a travel/tourist app based on historical sites.

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