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You can build your own app in about 20 minutes, and have it published to the world for free

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Maps, Community Walls,Chat and much to choose from


Promote Your Restaurant With a DIY Mobile App

With AppMakr4Restaurants, you can create your own DIY, custom mobile app to promote your eatery with no coding required. Create just the app you want with an easy-to-learn web-based tool. Make it easy for your customers to know about the latest specials, events, and promotions with the touch of a button.

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AppMakr4Restaurants: Attract New Customers and Keep Regulars Informed

With our drag-and-drop tool, you can easily add the features you want to your app. Add an events calendar, a copy of your menu, a stream of your latest tweets, special app-only discounts for your regulars, and much, much more. You’re only limited by your imagination. Would you like to send push notifications for happy hour? Want to include directions to your door for hungry potential diners nearby? It’s just a few clicks away.

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Affordable, Flexible, and Fully-Customizable

Your custom app will be available cross-platform on iOS, Android, and as a responsive HTML5 website. The basic, ad-supported version of your final app is free to create. For a few dollars a month, you can remove the ads, add additional features, or increase your reach. All tiers are priced with restaurant owners in mind, and many features are available ala carte, so you can pick only what you need and can afford.

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A Mobile App Can Simplify and Improve Your Business

AppMakr4Restaurants is a high-quality tool you can trust. Our engineers have worked hard to create a tool that is easy to learn, so you can quickly create a professional looking mobile application in less time than it takes to place your produce order. We’re ready to walk you through the process, step by step, until your app is everything you need it to be.

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