AppMakr Resources: How to Make an App

Making an app has never been as easy as it is with AppMakr. So easy, in fact, that the hardest part may be simply deciding which of your ideas to bring to life first.

DIY App Ideas

Before you start to develop an app, the first step is to visualize what you want it to build. Consider some of your favorite apps: what functions do they serve? How could they be improved? How could an app help your business? How will your app stand out from the crowd?

Keep these questions top of mind throughout the app-making process to ensure that your end product is well-planned, dynamic, and highly functional.

Once you’ve developed a rock-solid mobile app idea, AppMakr’s simple DIY platform uses a drag-and-drop dashboard that allows you to make an actual Android app in minutes, ready for download immediately and to submit for publishing to both the Android and iTunes App Stores.

How to Create Your App

After you’ve created your AppMakr account, The Machine opens to the Publisher Dashboard -- the “home base” through which you can view, edit, and track all of your ongoing mobile app projects. Simply start by clicking on “Create a New App.”

How to Name Your App

But an app just isn’t an app without a memorable name, so giving yours a catchy title is key. Once you’ve settled on your new app’s title, let our friendly assistant, Jade, walk you through the next steps in the app development process.

How to Use the AppMakr Machine

Step 1 (of 2) in The AppMakr machine allows you to select from dozens of powerful functions, from common social media platforms to interactive maps and music playlists. Simply drag your desired features from the list and drop them onto the phone’s screen.

This is also your chance to customize your app’s design. You can even upload your own logo and background photos. Select the color scheme and edit the header and text to elevate your app to aesthetic greatness.

Once you are satisfied with your app design, click the green arrow on the right to jump to Step 2. Here, Jade will walk you through all the important final details you always need to address before publishing a mobile app. This includes selecting a web address (URL) for the mobille web version of your app, as well as choosing your app’s icon, and writing a description of your new app for the Google Play App Market and Apple iTunes.

How to Write an App Description

As you edit your app’s description and “additional info,” be sure to carefully craft your messaging so that it accurately highlights the app’s core functions and features relevant keywords. This gives potential users a good idea of what your app does, while optimizing its discoverability in the iPhone and Android app markets. For optimal effect, be sure to consider your target audience when crafting your messaging.

How to Monetize Your App

Before you launch your app, you can decide if you want to monetize it by including ads within the app. This requires either linking an outside account with AdMob or integrating your own javascript. It’s worth saying here, that you keep 100% of any revenues your app generates through the ad inventory you run. You can even use the space to run your own ‘house ads’ to internally promote other parts of your business.

Now you’re ready to publish! One final click and you’re all done. Now, sit back and watch your app in action.

Publish to the App Store

We’ve given you the tools -- so don’t wait another minute to get started building your own smartphone app! It only takes about 20 minutes, now that you know how to make an app from start to finish, and it can be available anywhere in the world on both Apple and Android devices.

So what are you waiting for? Turn your brilliant idea into a reality with AppMakr and join the app economy today.

Ready to make your first app?