AppMakr Resources: Submitting An App To Google Play Terms for Submission

Please read the terms of Google Play Submission.

The Google Play market is the primary source for over a billion people to discover and download new Android apps. If you wish to publish your app to Google, then you will need to understand and agree with the following items:

First, You will need to sign up for your own “Google Play Developer Account”, which you can do here.

Google (not us!) will charge you a USD $25 (one time fee) for a developer account and it will stay with you for lifetime. This will come in handy even if you choose not to continue with AppMakr.

Once you have created your developer account, please watch this video for instructions on how to grant us permission to publish to your account:

1) Please invite us to publish on your behalf from: [email protected].

2) Be sure to let us know when you have done this and we will accept the invitation.

3) Once we have accepted the invitation, then you will need to log back into the Google Developer Console to grant the access. This is a pain, sorry, but it is the way Google has setup their system.

Once these three steps are done, then we can publish on your behalf, under your brand directly to Google.