AppMakr Resources: How to Get Your App Approved By iTunes

At AppMakr, we have published many, many thousands of apps. With all that experience we have seen what works and what doesn’t. The reality is, if you want your app to be used natively on iPhones, then you will need to be approved by the human reviewers at Apple in charge of iTunes.

There are not any published firm rules or guidelines from Apple to state what will or won’t be approved, but from our experience we have drawn up the following EIGHT points that are recommended for a speedy iTunes approval.

Apple (not us!) will charge you a USD $25 (one time fee) for a developer account and it will stay with you for lifetime. This will come in handy even if you choose not to continue with AppMakr.

The most important point is that your app must not contain any obscenity, hatred, violence, copyright violating content. Any of those are instant app killers.

Beyond that you should consider:

1) Your app should have an image header (800 x 133 pixels, that will act as the logo of app's offering). You can find examples HERE and HERE.

2) Successful apps in Apple’s view must have sufficient features, at least 6 icons. All icons should be neatly aligned and all of them MUST work, Apple will check each one. None should be left blank,and none should link to pages that are not mobile friendly. Example: HERE

3) We recommend using a fairly neutral / clear background and icons image customization. Backgrounds that are too busy and make the text / icons difficult to read will be rejected by Apple. Example: HERE

4) If you are running a business or organization, then having an AboutUs feature is very well received by Apple. You should also be sure to place accurate / relevant information in the “More Info” section. Please refer the AboutUs icon of this app as an Example: HERE

5) If you want Apple to approve your app you need to ensure that you haven't referred these Keywords (+ Images) in your app - Android/ Google Play/ Symbian/ Windows/ Windows Phone/ Symbian/ GetJar/Blackberry. We may disagree with this policy, but there’s no denying it...

6) Make sure to give a precise description in 80+ characters that describes the services of your app.

7) If you want to include a shopping within your app, We recommend that you ensure that the commerce part will be launched via the device's web browser, rather than embedded within the app directly itself. AppMakr absolutely supports mobile commerce natively within the app, but the approval process through Apple is significantly more complicated and less likely.

8) Payments / Fees within your app can be collected natively via Paypal and Vanco, however, if you are targeting native iPhone users and looking for a rapid iTunes approval, you might want to consider collecting funds via device’s web browser in an embedded weblink module. Apple is much friendlier to those types.