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You can build your own app in about 20 minutes, and have it published to the world for free

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Promote Your Campaign and Fundraising With a DIY Mobile App

A politician is constantly busy meeting and working with his constituents, preserving our democracy, and kissing babies. How can today’s busy politicians stay in touch with constituents when a busy schedule prevents face-to-face meetings? By using a custom-built app from AppMakr4PublicOffice, of course!
In the 24 hour news cycle, a politician’s reputation lives and dies alongside his public image. By meeting the public where they’re at and on their level, you make yourself and your office accessible to them in ways never before possible. As mobile becomes a mainstream aspect of life, providing a personal app helps your public stay in touch while building a loyal and supportive community.The no-cost, no-coding app building tool behind AppMakr4PublicOffice makes the process of creating your own app a snap!

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Creating a Custom App for Your Political Career Is Quick And Easy

With our easy drag-and-drop, web-based tool, you are completely in control of your content. Choose only the features you need, and customize each feature to meet your individual needs. Tooltips, contextual help, and instructional videos help guide the app creation process from start to finish, allowing you to create an app in less time than it takes to register to vote.

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Affordable, Flexible, and Fully-Customizable

The possibilities for your app are endless when you build it yourself. Compose and send newsletters to your mailing list. Connect your fundraising tools. Link your social media accounts, or those you follow, for a continuous stream. Share your press. Keep voters informed of critical issues with push notifications. Stream photos and videos. Link to blogs and websites. Add a forum for a digital town hall. Link to voter registration resources. Include your bio, talking points, and voting record. Whatever you need, you can create, and make it completely your own.

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A Mobile App Can Help You Focus on the Important Things

Building your free app with AppMakr4PublicOffice is easy enough, Congress could do it in less time than a typical roll call. Start building your political dynasty today.

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