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AppMakr sets itself apart from the bigger messaging apps with the release of Live Chat Platform ver2.0

January 22, 2015 - New Jersey - AppMakr announced today the release of its new and improved live chat platform that enables users to publish their own chat apps for small designated groups rather than having to speak to the world with each post.

AppMakr’s live chat will allow for a much more ‘Whatsapp’ chat experience while providing publishers the ability to choose who they are chatting with in closed secure groups who need permission to access or see anything.

“We have do-it-yourself publishers from teachers, to small organizations like sports teams, fraternity organizations, Mom’s groups and millions of small businesses. Some of these organizations would prefer to talk to just members of their group and not have to leave messages for the world to see, we now have this capability through our apps,” said Jay Shapiro co-founder and CEO of AppMakr.

Our larger competitors in the live messaging space have the limitation that users are dropped in the ocean of these massive chat platforms.  AppMakr set out to create a platform that allows small groups of friends, sports teams, workgroups and others to create their own private app dedicated only to their group or designated members. Those apps, which can be shared privately via a QR Code, or published to the broader app markets like iTunes & Google Play, can contain one or more private live chat 'rooms'.

“With more and more scrutiny being brought on what people say and do online, this is a great alternative for small groups of friends, co-workers, organization members or just like-minded folks to speak to a small group and not to the world at large,” said Jay Shapiro.

In addition to the private Live Chat rooms, AppMakr focused on creating a platform where these friend-apps can also contain shared photo galleries, aggregated twitter feeds for the group, click to call members of the group, and even Facebook style community walls, restricted just to group members.

Maya Gugelev, a student at Byrd School in Glen Rock, NJ, said: "Having a private app just for my friends is so cool. There's stuff I post up to the bigger social networks, but there's also things that we like to just keep in our small circle of friends. Now we can chat there throughout the day and know that nobody else can ever look in."

Mobile based chat amongst friends is the highest valued category of apps at the moment and with user numbers soaring with companies owned by Facebook and millions of venture capital dollars being dedicated to one of the other live chat companies in this space, AppMakr wanted to ensure that our publishers in the do-it-yourself app making world were not left behind.

Through AppMakr, the live chat apps can be password protected, to ensure confidentiality amongst the group.  AppMakr is also currently working on an even more secure version of the platform which includes facial recognition in order to access the private apps.  This feature should be available sometime in Q2 of this year.

Jay Shapiro, CEO of AppMakr, concluded: "I don't think anybody expected messaging apps to take off as much as they have in the last 12 months. The $10B+ valuations of WhatsApp and SnapChat are crazy when you consider that almost anyone can build their own equivalent app on our platform, for just a buck."

Contact: Nicole Ratcliff, AppMakr (615) 601.0544