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You can build your own app in about 20 minutes, and have it published to the world for free

Drag & Drop

Yes, It really is that simple.

Native Apps & HTML5

Reach over 5,000 different mobile devices.

Tons of Features

Maps, Community Walls,Chat and much to choose from


Mobile app at its utmost convenience

Now, making or editing mobile app for your church can be achieved with just a simple drag and drop! With just a few minutes, you can build and test your app here. You can even reach up to more than 5000 different mobiles through native apps and HTMl5. Their step-by-step guide comes in instructional videos, so it will definitely be convenient and easy breezy.

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How to make an app for your organization with AppMakr4Brands

You got to think of a group or people to address. AppMakr4Brands will then guide you step-by-step, in choosing what functions and features you need in making your app. Some available features are real-time photo sharing, blog feeds, Twitter, YouTube, calendars, chat, etc…

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Affordable, Flexible, and Fully-customizable

Available on iPhone, Android and HTML5 app, this is also affordable because the features and functions are fully-customizable and pre-made. With just $9/month, they add relevant ads screened by Google at the bottom of their free apps. They further ensured that all these ads are useful and reputable, removing the slot for the spammy and affiliate scheme ads. There are no gambling and adult contents too. You can also choose not to display ads for a minimal extra fee per month, by ordering the ad-free “PRO” version of any of their ads.

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Convenience and Quality Ensured

There are urgent things that need to be communicated quickly. Thankfully, you can achieve it without the hassle of personal appearance, especially when you’re not available. Now, you can have full control over what’s happening to avoid being overwhelmed by the tasks involved in your projects. The programming part is also done by a reputable and professional group known for the utmost quality they deliver—infinite monkeys.

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