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You can build your own app in about 20 minutes, and have it published to the world for free

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Keep Your Flock Informed with AppMakr4Churches

AppMakr4Churches lets your church connect with its congregation on the other six days of the week. It’s an easy-to-use mobile app maker that connects the lives of the people in your community.
Keeping your flock on the path and connected to God, the church, and each other isn’t easy. Busy lives mean less time for fellowship. A mobile app can provide the outreach to bring God’s word, and God’s love into the families you serve every day.

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Creating a Custom App for Your Church Is Quick And Easy

Post service times and important events in a shared calendar, create a gallery of photos, and stream or record your sermons to those who can’t attend. The apps you create will run on iPhone, Android and HTML5 web-enabled smartphones, and require no programming or technical expertise. Our drag-and-drop tool uses contextual help, tool tips, and instructional videos to help you every step of the way. You can browse our other apps for inspiration, and we’re always available by email if you need any extra help.

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Affordable, Flexible, and Fully-Customizable

The possibilities for your church’s mobile app are only limited by your imagination. With a few clicks, you could provide your congregation with a searchable, annotated copy of the Bible. You could send a daily motivational verse as a push notification. You could provide an index of past sermons available to download in audio or video format. You could link the church’s social media accounts, and stream your tweets, photos, and wall messages. You could provide a simple information/contact page with sermon/Sunday school times, directions, upcoming activities, and a current prayer list.

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A Mobile App Can Help You Focus on the Important Things

Because we respect how much you do for your congregations, your neighborhoods, and your communities; we’ve made the entire platform available to churches for free. We’d love for you to show off your app to us when you’re finished creating it.

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