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The Perfect App for your Band Music is the language of the soul, but how could you speak to souls when you can’t get your awesome music out there in the market? Fear no more, because we have the perfect solution for your band: Fantastic4bands. You can now create your own fully-customizable and web-based app that will help your band and your music reach millions.

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Update straight from your iPhone or Android phone Whether you’re on the road, on a concert, or by the backyard just jamming, keep your fans updated with Fantastic4bands quick and easy uploading and updating services. With Fantastic4bands, you can create an app that’s perfectly compatible with iPhones and Android phones, making it super convenient for you to update where your band is, when your next performance is scheduled, and what you’re doing right now to your avid followers.

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Stress-free band promotion Now, there’s no need to check out many places and go to great lengths to have other people watch your performances. Fantastic4bands is the perfect tool for you to promote your music and your band through social media cross-posting and instant publishing. Get access to all social media networks and keep your fans updated. A slight change in your band tour could easily be sent to your fans, with just a touch of a button.

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Your ticket to stardom and a large fanbase Getting the word out and reaching out to your fans has never been this easy. Fantastic4bands userfriendly interface and fully-customized option enables you to reach millions of people within a few seconds. Enlarge your fanbase and keep your music out in the market with Fantastic4bands. Connect with your fans, not just with your music, but also with your very own app. Get started on building that app today.

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